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Mom said; study, don’t cook.

Dance but dont make it your passion.

Laugh, but not much.

Be the first in class, but don’t take that job.

She said ..ok mama , as you wish.


Dad said, go to church but don’t see the system.

I don’t want a 99 , but a 100.

Be yourself but don’t wear a Jean.

All work and no play is your gene.

She said ..ok dada, as you wish.


Bro said; how loud are you?

You never support me!!

You are a cry baby..

Grow up sissy..

She said..ok bro, as you wish.


Her lover said, change else you shall suffer.

Forget your wishes , remember mine.

Wear the best, but don’t buy.

Go ahead. You must do it, alone.

She said ..ok love, as you wish.


Now, why you alarmed.

She got no job, no voice.

She got not that beautiful gown

She got no favorites; She got no moves.


She is none , but a DISAPPOINTMENT


Super Hero Stories: The Sweet Lemon Plunge !!

“Come Rissy and Rambo. Lets go pluck some sweet lemons”, said Grandpa George picking the long wooden rod with a sickle at the end, meant to cut the huge sweet lemons off the tree. The kids who were making jasmine garlands threw the remaining flowers into the air and on the veranda floor and sprinted after Grandpa.

They had just finished a delicious heavy breakfast made my Grandma and had all the energy to be spent until noon. Mother was busy boasting to her neighbours about the city we stayed in, about our unseen talents and academic excellences.

Its been a week since they landed in their hometown and nothing exciting nor funny nor memorable has happened yet. Today was a bright sunny day and grandpa finally decided to do something adventurous with the siblings. The sweet lemon tree is on the far left side of the house and situated between the small and big pond. The senior and junior Georges walked towards the tree in an obedient line looking like the three musketeers on a rare secret mission.

Once at the mission point, Grandpa immediately started pulling down the lemons one by one. “Look there Grandpa !!! I see one behind your head, one more above, one under your arms…wow this is fun”, screamed Rambo jumping up and down like a squirrel. They got 6 huge lemons and gathered them into the wicker basket. Grandpa being the one who does not like lingering around once the job is done ordered the kids to follow him back into the house; not knowing that the excited siblings wanted to experiment a little more. Both of them casually walked towards the small pond too see the tiny fishes. The air around had all the ingredients for what was going to happen next. First, the fishes had to be rarely visible and on the farther end of the pond ; second, the mud around the pond was unusually slippery and the third and the most genuine one -the siblings imagined themselves to be some secret cops on a fish finding mission.

Hence the adventure began.Trying to eye a fish, Superhero brother skid and ended up at the mouth of the pond,he was happy his feet was in water but his slippers had come off and were floating in the pond. Now the superhero sister sprung into action to save her brother’s brand new slippers. Alas, Ms. Powerpuff who thot she could stretch herself and turn into a fishing net to catch the slippers slipped and fell into the muddy pond. She tried to flap her feet and hands in swimming motion , ended up covered in more muddy water and some more of it in her tummy. Rambo, a late bloomer suddenly realised he need to call for help. He ran away and came back with a red faced half angry, half tensed Mom , sleepy grandpa and a blabbering granny. All three of them somehow pulled her out of the pond. “Eeewww ..u smell yucky” , a scary rambo exclaimed as mom took her for a nice bath.

Rissy would never forget her first plunge into the water world.

And isn’t that an appetising and adventurous story for friends back in school.

Superhero Stories : Hide & never seek..

Nothing would ever stop our “play time” in the colony, it was a daily ritual repeated with utmost sincerity after quickly scribbled home work, a glass of milk and a bath -the bath part is which I never until now have understood, as we come back like sweating zombies.

This colony is were Rissy met her first friends, found her passion for dance and explored the world of books. Over the 10 years she grew into the tomboy she was. A part of her soul still wanders in those parks and lanes.

Lets get back to the day. The Girl gang and the Boy gang have decided to play Hide and Seek all over the colony. “Inkey pinkey ponkey …” was done and boys were to seek. The super hero girls decided to mastermind ” the never seek plan”. They would all split into groups of two and hide at the least reachable parts of the colony. Out of the corner of her Rissy looked at Soumi and wished she would chose her to hide together. Soumi was the smart, pretty, long haired, confident girl and Rissy was doing all she can to be titled her Best Friend. And yes she did chose her. Rissy then mused ; “why dint i get the chance to chose or did i assume i don’t have the right? Is there something wrong with me? Why don’t i have close friends ? Hope i find the one in soumi. ”

The counting has started. Soumi lets go. They sprinted across the green lawn up the underground car parking ended up in front of the bungalows. “Lets go hide behind the fountain. Oh ..i think i hear the boys. Cheaters !! They have started search already. Run soumi”. We ran bare foot across the rocky trails to the funny smelling artificial fountain. It was so mushy and smelly we had to keep running and ended up behind one of the bungalow. They found a nice place to sit on the doorsteps of the kitchen and waited. We could hear the footsteps fade away.

A scream….

” Found u …u scary monkey”Rambo laughed.

“U donkey ” shouted back Kriti.

“Common you help us search the other girls”, Said one of the boys

“Oh yes ..nice idea. ”

“Traitor. How can she do that.” I angered.

“Shhhh!! “. Soumi clasped my mouth.

” Rani. Did you put the washing machine on” we could hear Srini uncle talking to his wife in their kitchen.Me and Soumi were inches away sitting on a stool outside the balcony of their kitchen, we looked at each other and chuckled.

I don’t remember who started it or if it was the eerie surroundings we were in, we started sharing scary experiences, ghost movies we had watched, ghost like figures we thought we saw in the colony. We also sorted out families that may be possessed and made a note to inform all the girls to stay away from them. We allocated the buildings and corners where the ghosts could reside in.

Time went by and it was almost an hour. We totally forgot we were in hiding. No one found us. Yay !! so we may be the winners. But then where is everybody? May be they all left to their homes. May be they were eaten by the ghosts. buaaahahahah!!

Slowly we got out of our secret place and walked out to the lawn. No sound. Not a boy or girl in the vicinity, except for some adults on their routine walks. We could only hear the swings in the park creak and someone playing basketball.

” What do we do now ?” “Do you think the colony has been taken over by those ghosts”?, said a shivering Soumi.

“Come on Soumi” Rissy replied by shaking her shoulders and assuring her All is Well.

We walked around and came to the main road. Hmm..It was early winter and the breeze was good for a nice walk. Right time for the question. ” Are we best friends, Soumi?”. She smiled and replied “May be but me and Roops are best friends already. I am not interested in two of them.” Not a very satisfactory reply but that is OK for me. Somethings are better than nothing.

We heard a loud screech and turned around to see the whole group sprinting at us with claws and sticks and bats.

“Runnnnnn….” We ran at 100% speed but were caught. Even though we were the winners we were not showered with praise but with questions to disclose our hideout. They all had worn out searching for us. Hehehhehehhe…That feels special.

We never told them. Never will.

Back home i mused. That night new friendships bloomed, new limits crossed, winners were proud, losers were curious, ghosts trespassed, super heroes found and memories made.

Superhero stories :The Mobile Leaning Tower of PISA ride.

Have you guys had the super hero kind,  sweat showering ,body thrashing experience in a leaning tower of Pisa bus ride. Its stinking & awesome & nail bitingly scary. The bus is so crowded that each time it stopped you were either sitting on the lap of the lady next to you who had hairs flying out of her chin & nostrils when she gave you that eye-popping look, or you ended up at the front of the bus pressed against the grills smelling of rust and getting a new stripped look on the face, or you could end up swaying like Tom in one of those cartoons when he thrown away by a catapult, half of your body will be outside the windows, you can take in the fresh air for a moment before you are pulled back inside.

My ambitious mom always made sure we used the bus when we came down for our summer vacation.Reason: To imbibe the country values in us . Like hell we learnt it!!! But this time she chose the most dreaded day as the town had called for a STRIKE. We stood for an hour at the bus stop and finally saw our ray of hope coming in the form of a Twisted , Zig-Zagged, Leaning Tower of Pisa, puffs of smoke all around it which reminded me of a smoked scare crow. Did i mention its the city Bus? Leaning because half the passengers love to gift themselves a roller coaster ride by hanging on to one side of the bus. Zig Zagged because the driver tries out fancy tricks on the rickety roads.

The bus stopped and believe me, all hell broke loose. We were pushed around like fishes in a basket and luckily me, Rambo and mom ended up at the foot of the bus , we reached out to the side bars and squeezed into it. Darkness. Deep breaths. Mixed scents of jasmines , perfumes & sweat. Screams. Babies crying. Men spitting out through the windows. Wow !! I admire their aim…

Amidst all this entertainment i see the conductor coming in for the tickets. How does he ever know ? Some kind of divine vision he has. He pokes the ladies demanding tickets and enjoys the fun he is having squeezed between so many women for free. I hate them. My super mom always had the change to give him, she either held in her handkerchief or inserted it between her rings. What an Idea! I imagined her like the goddess Kali with imaginary multiple hands holding  2 kids, the bags, the rod, and her sari.

We go on like this from stop to stop for another one hour. One of us gets quarter seat to sit on. Rambo gets that. I am allowed to sit on some sweet aunty who finds me cute.

INERTIA!! That is one term which always came to my mind when i was on a bus. First i used to play by trying to move myself against inertia. But when a bus is crowded like this all you need to do is just let go and you will experience a feeling of “Floating on the clouds ” every time the bus starts and stops.

Finally just 2 stops before our destination we get the whole 3 seater to ourself. Mom, Rissy & Rambo are overwhelmed as they feel light suddenly and breathe in the wind as the bus/Pisa/scarecrow zooms through the lanes.

Ting, Ting, Ting!! Destination Reached. They get out drenched in experience & renewed.

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Diamond tears..

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He saw diamonds of tear in their eyes

Gold in their hearts

And a mind full of fear

Fear to love, Fear of lost love

Fear for care, fear to dare

Some stories are unknown

Some talked through their eyes

Was he the one, they needed

Who could absorb their pasts

And be the mirror

To reflect their happy tomorrows

I shall remember…

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Goosebumps and heart beats..
Dizzy heads and uneven breaths..
Lip biting, eyes locking & lure..
Shocks, strokes & more…


Each kiss you planted on my wet lips, they bloomed into a fragrant flower.

Each kiss on my panting neck, i evaporated into you, my secret den.

Each kiss on my bosoms, i melted into you.

Each kiss on my sweaty navel, i floated like a young leaf in the river of desire.

Each kiss in the darkest of me, i flowed, shivered & shied.


I shall remember, my love; how you lifted me to heaven.

I shall remember, my love; how our eyes locked with our bodies inter wined.

I shall remember, my love ;the scent of our body and the taste of our lip.

I shall remember, my love; those extra beats of your heart.

I shall remember, ,my love; how beautiful i am in your arms.

I shall remember, my love; you are the one i am alive for.


Too late for the ONE!

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His eyes found me ..I knew not, pardon me..
Across the crowd, the music & the distances,A silent chord played between our hearts.
Love, is when our hearts melted together into one.
Love, is when his touch was already known to me.
Love, is when he knew it would be US.
Love, is when the nature stops to watch you.
Love, is when you feel pain & pleasure in the same moment.
Love, is when the craziness kept us going.
Love, is when we knew this would HURT.
It’s too late, my love.
We need to fly to our coves.
Our minds pull our hearts apart.
In this world, none has a part.
I hope to meet again.
You know we will.
On top of the blue mountain.
Only you, me & stars remain.
There, we shall love.
Birds playing the music.
Winds covering our naked souls.
Water cooling our worldly minds.
In a haven, where time never starts nor ends, forever & ever..

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